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The Bank of Spain’s April 2019 report on Banco Popular gave arguments to those who bought shares in the bank, since it concludes that the bank did not show a real picture of its situation. Thus, it would open the door to claim the loss of the investment in the entity’s securities.

If this is your case, feel free to claim, because you have every right to get your money back.

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What happened?

A bank that presented itself in society as a solvent bank was actually a bank with serious difficulties for many years.

Who can claim?

All those who have bought shares of Banco Popular from the year 2000 to 2017, because the serious difficulties have been hidden from all these shareholders.

They can also claim all preference shares or bonds of Banco Popular, which later were converted into shares of the Banco Popular.

Why can they claim?

Because it is illegal to sell shares, preferred shares or bonds of a bank hiding its serious accounting, financial or economic difficulties, as the Banco Popular has done.

What we need to claim

We do need the purchase orders for shares, preferred shares or bonds of Banco Popular. If you are a shareholder you can also order the history where all your purchases and sales are reflected. And if the bank makes it difficult for you to get this information, we can ask for it for you.

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