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Duped by swaps clips financial swaps?

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Swaps are high-risk financial products that various banks offered as insurance when subscribing to a mortgage, so customers could hedge against interest rate hikes in exchange for not benefiting from the declines, leaving the frozen interest rate, thus, the financial institution is obliged to pay the spread if the interest rate rises above the contract maximum, but the customer pays the difference in case the interest rate goes down.

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What happened?

These so-called Swaps, Clips or financial swaps were offered to individuals but above all to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as insurance that covered you with the fluctuations of interest payable for the loans you had to repay.

Who can claim?

Anyone who contracted these clips or financial swaps because, in the end, instead of being an insurance policy, it acted as a abusive clause, ultimately causing the bank to receive large profits at the expense of the victims, who suffered large losses.

Why can they claim?

Because what was offered as insurance for the affected party to be covered by fluctuations or changes in interest rates eventually became another bank abuse for which the affected person lost in his periodic settlements always in favor of the bank.

What we need to claim

The contract signed for this Swap, or Clip or financial swap and the periodic payments for this contract.

If the bank does not provide you with a copy of this contract or the payments, we can help you retrieve this. Do not hesitate, you are in your right!

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