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Duped by an IRPH mortgage?

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IRPH is a Mortgage Loan Reference Index calculated by the Bank of Spain (BdE). Their mortgages are more expensive. Is it is estimated that the customer who has this indicator in his mortgage will pay an average of 30,000 euros too much.

What the CJEU analyses is not the validity of this index, but how banks have used it and whether it has been explained with sufficient transparency, as many mortgagers found that they had rates above euribor, and were not aware of the economic burden that this index posed to their wallets.

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What happened?

Millions of people in Spain have contracted a loan with their bank to acquire a home. This mortgage contains this clause or abusive condition for which many more interest is paid when repaying the loan.

Who can claim?

All those who have signed this unfair term of IRPH in their deed of mortgage.

Why can they claim?

Because it’s illegal to charge abusive interest on the loans that banks give you to buy homes. It is estimated that for the IRPH they have paid more than 30,000 euros too much, on average for each affected person.

What we need to claim

It’s very simple; send us a copy of your mortgage deed, in which is referred to IRPH. And a payment scheme of your mortgage. If the bank makes it difficult for you to get any of these documents, we ask for them for you.

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