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Banco Popular bonds and shares

The Bank of Spain’s April 2019 report on Banco Popular gave arguments to those who bought shares in the bank, since it concludes that the bank did not show a real picture of its situation.

Santander Securities

With the aim of being able to finance and acquire the Dutch bank ABN AMRO, in 2007 the Banco Santander carried out an issue of securities called Santander Securities.

Structured bonds

Structured bonds are very complex and high-risk, negotiable financial assets, with a certain maturity and a return linked to the evolution of a stock or a set or basket of stocks.

Swaps, clips

Swaps are high-risk financial products that various banks offered as insurance when you take out a mortgage.

Floor clause

Floor clause is the name of a contractual clause that establishes a minimum limit on the interest to be applied in the quota even if the interest rate drops.


IRPH is a Mortgage Loan Reference Index calculated by the Bank of Spain (BdE). However, their mortgages are more expensive.

Multicurrency Mortgages

Multicurrency mortgages allow the customer to make the payment of their mortgage fee through a currency other than the euro.

The bank doesn’t always win!

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We help people duped by Spanish banks. Our goal is to recover your investments in financial products and banks. We provide solutions, we protect your interests.

Free consultation – No cure, no pay!

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We are experts in recovering all kinds of investments

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We successfully solve the serious problems of those duped by Preferred Shares, Structured Bonds, Subordinated Obligations, Perpetual Debt, Share Fees, Fagor, Eroski, Shares, Structured Funds… Madoff, Lehman Bros., Goldman Sachs, Trident, Welcome Bonus, Grand Bank Bonus, Strong Deposit, Popular Shares, Santander Securities, Multicurrency Mortgages, with IRPH and Floor Clause etc…

“We have recovered tens of millions of euros for our customers, who were trapped in different complex and risky financial products, such as; Preferred Shares, Subordinates, Perpetual Debt, Shares, Structured Bonds…, all through favorable judgments and out-of-court settlements. Our firm has obtained the first Firm Judgments of our country, in Shares Preferred, of Lehman Brothers and of Bancos Islandes.

Our successes support us against the main Spanish and European banks; Bankia (Bancaja-Caja Madrid), Banco Santander, Banesto, CAM Sabadell, Nova Caixa Galicia, Caja Mar, BNParibas, Bankinter, Bankpyme, Deustche Bank, Inversis, Renta 4…”

Free consultation – No cure, no pay!

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Jaime Navarro

Jaime Navarro


Jaime Navarro is an expert lawyer in the recovery of all kinds of investments and deposits in financial and banking products.

Jasper den Dulk

Jasper den Dulk


Jasper den Dulk has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate world. Jasper grew up in Spain and knows the way.

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